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Hump Day Home Project: Dining Room Chairs

It's officially almost the weekend, which means you can start thinking about your plans. When you live in a fixer upper, every weekend is a time for some good ol' fashioned manual labor. Sometimes it's fun projects (see dining room chairs below) and sometimes it's not so fun projects (insert here anything that involves going in the attic). Around here we do most of our planning for the weekend projects in the middle of the week so we can get together all of our supplies before Saturday morning. Is there anything worse than waking up on Saturday morning without everything you need and then having to waste half the day running around? For Chase, that's a rhetorical question; there's literally nothing worse.

This week I get to share a fun project- our dining room table chairs! We coincidently picked up our dining room table from a friend on the same day we saw 1 Labrador Lane for the first time. It spend three months at our old house before making the trek to our dining room here. We had the perfect spot for the table but only one problem- no chairs. We lived with bright blue folding chairs until Chase decided he would make us new ones (just in time, because they were one wrong squat away from collapsing). He got the idea for these industrial chairs on Pinterest while he was offshore. As soon as he got home for the holidays, he started work with his new welder.

And so it began... Chase welded all of the angles together and I did a lot of distracting/snacking during this time...

As official sander/painter this is where I came in to stain the wood...

Scotch being oh-so-helpful...

I'm also the official tester of things; Chase loves to make me sit on stuff to see if it's sturdy or if it collapses (insert eye roll here)...

All done! Look at that cutie!

Moved into the house!

Speaking of weekend plans- tomorrow I'm giving you your whole BBQ menu for Labor Day weekend!



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