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Hump Day Home Project: New Week, New Paint

If you read my blog on Monday you know that Chase & I painted our house this weekend (in like 48 hours). A natural opening question to that post would be, "what possessed these people to paint their house under such time constraints?" The answer to that question is nothing. Nothing possessed Chase, this is just Chase. He still thinks it's a totally doable weekend project that involves no lofty expectations. Honestly, with those beliefs, I feel like he should be off solving bigger crises like the Middle East rather than fixing the sad, old, beigey color of our house, but I'm happy to keep him right here.

After much (much) consideration, we opted with a bright white house, gray, trim and a red door. Ultimately, I felt like with such a long house you really need a neutral color. We haven't painted the door yet because I wanted Chase to build me a dutch door, but then our puppy learned how to hurdle our other dutch door so that's currently on hold (pending puppy training & Chase returning from offshore to build the door).

Here are some pictures from the weekend. Chase did about 92% of the work mostly because 1) I have questionable grace above the second rung on a ladder, 2) "my attention to detail regarding paint drips is lacking", and 3) I'd leave for 15 minutes to go make a snack and I come back and the whole wall is done. So shoutout to my hubby who is the designated painter of our house; you're the MVP.

The kid loves an excuse to use a power tool... Chase living his best life power washing the house.

All the romance of the Notebook... but Allie didn't have to stand and wonder if Noah was going to fall off the roof...

And finally, there's Diesel... who spend the whole weekend sitting at the breakfast nook staring at me with big FOMO eyes acting like he was missing out on the best thing that has ever happened... if only you knew what sanding wood windows felt like pup, you wouldn't have any such FOMO.



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