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Friday Favorites: tomato salad pizza, serious cheese board advice & homemade peanut butter dog t

favorite weekend dinner: I'm not one to crave pizza or order it when I'm out, but something about this tomato salad pizza made me want to try it this weekend. I love the idea of a lighter puff pastry crust and I'll be enjoying the best tomatoes of the year while the season lasts.

favorite to-go breakfast: There's something about this time of year that always seems busy. I've mentioned on here before that I never, ever, skip breakfast. What's worse than hangry?? I don't know but that's what I get. (Once Chase took me with him on a job offshore FOR HOURS WITHOUT SNACKS. I'm scarred for life and I now have snacks in every purse/jacket pocket/car I own.) When I know I'm going to be in a hurry I whip up these fruit parfaits the night before and take them with me. The layers are easy: mix greek yogurt + honey + your favorite citrus zest (lemon, orange or lime) and then layer it with berries. I top it off with a little unsweetened coconut flakes or homemade granola. It all gets sealed in a mason jar & then you're off. These parfaits keep for a couple of days so you can pre-plan for the week on Sunday!

favorite dog treat: Okay this isn't MY favorite dog treat, but they are my pups' favorites. My part-dog-part-lion, Scotch, turns 3 this week so he's making a guest appearance on Friday Favorites. These peanut butter pumpkin puppy treats are adorable & they are good for your furry friend. My little brother taste-tested them the last time I made them and he said they were good so you can take his word for it.

The big birthday guy!

favorite cheese board how-to: My girl B and her two pups are coming over for a crazy fur mama sleepover and to do some fall DIY projects tomorrow. I'm making a cheese board to set out because we love us some cheese & it's perfect for snacking while we craft. I love this how-to from Fix, Feast, Flair for anyone to reference if you're throwing a get-together and you're in need of some cheese board inspo. I'm also excited to try out the fig blueberry jam I made last weekend with some cheese! BRING. ON. THE. BRIE.

favorite healthy snack: When Chase goes offshore I really try to eat healthy & clean, but I love snacking. Keeping healthy snacks around the house is a must for me. These roasted chickpeas are crunchy, salty & spicy! Bonus, this recipe is SO easy: can of chickpeas + olive oil + your favorite herbs & spices (don't forget cumin!), roast until crispy & eat.

favorite indulgence: Literally, three seconds after I typed, "I try to eat healthy & clean", I'm sharing my favorite indulgence this weekend. BUT, life is about balance AND I have some heavy whipping cream I need to use up AND berry season is coming to an end so I'm looking for any opportunity to eat those before I start making Fall recipes... hmmm what other excuses can I drum up to eat dessert...??? Regardless, this weekend I'm making this vanilla panna cotta with stewed raspberries from Graham Elliot.

favorite fall inspiration: Speaking of Fall recipes, the end of Summer beginning of Fall is my favorite time of year. On Labor Day I'll be decorating the house with all things Fall. (P.S. I love this advice from Liz Marie on her one tip for survive living in a fixer upper. Her tip? Decorate your home even if it's just temporary.) This weekend I'll be making a wreath for my front door & whatever else Pinterest convinces me to attempt after I read this...

See you next week for the last days of August! Next week I've got a Labor Day BBQ Menu & the meal I'm making for my mom for her birthday!



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