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Friday Favorites: pretzel ice cream bites, homemade tortillas & prayers for a good nap...

For about the 15th time today, I've thought, what day is it??? Does anyone know?? I. am. exhausted. All of a sudden I realized it was Friday and honestly, the only favorite thing I could think of was a good long nap. Since that is out of the question, I have to say my favorite thing right now is that I'll be making the first thing on my list tomorrow... but I am biased because I'm hungry & craving vanilla bean ice cream... send help...

favorite sweet treat: salty. chocolatey. sweet. I'm making these for a party tomorrow and I will let you know how they taste... and how many make it to the platter..........

favorite homemade tortilla : Chase [is][isn't][maybe][maybe not][possibly] coming home next week for an undetermined period of time... living minute-to-minute for a obsessive planner is fun! I can't tell you when Chase will find his way back ashore, but I can tell you when he does, we are having Mexican. I'm gearing up with my homemade slow-roasted refried beans and some homemade tortillas...

favorite fall soup: I've been having a little moment with Thai food lately and this soup is perfect for Fall and (hopefully) cold weather (but not too cold)...

favorite fall centerpiece: I have a long cabinet that I want to make festive for the fall and this post is giving me all kinds of motivation to decorate the house. And by "motivation" I mean motivation to convince Liz Marie to come decorate my house for me. Will trade cookies & puppy kisses for décor tips, obviously.

favorite Sunday night plan: It's going to be a longgg day tomorrow so I can't wait to get back home and snuggle up with a nice... burger. Jalapeño poppers are one of my favorite appetizers, so those turned into a burger sounds like the kind of therapy I need... also, did I mention cream cheese??



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